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Resort Policies

CASA ASTILLERO aims to promote peace and order at the same time wants to give you the ultimate beach camping and outdoor experience.

Safety First
Though the beach water is safe, we still encourage guests to accompany their children at all times. Also, please do not break bottles for it may cause injuries to other guests. Do not swim beyond the floating marker. Do not swim if you are ill or drunk.

Secure all your belongings and do not leave your things unattended, the resort will not be held liable for any loss of your bags, wallets, cell phones and other personal belongings during your stay. Stay only in your designated cottages to avoid additional charges.

Keep the resort neat and clean
Clean as you go!  Throw your garbage in the trash sacks provided to maintain cleanliness and order within the resort.  Properly dispose used bottles, cigarette butts, plastic bags, candy wrappers, leftovers etc. in the trash bins nearest your cottage.

Be considerate of other guests
Some guest may be sleeping and relaxing at their rented native huts and cottages, we request that we keep the volume of our speakers down so that we won’t disturb guests who are resting and those who are going for a power nap. CASA ASTILLERO wants all our customers to relax and have fun.

No Brawling
CASA ASTILLERO will not tolerate brawlings and fights that may disrupt other guest and creates chaos in the resort. Moreover, Illegal drugs are also prohibited and the resort will report you to the authorities if you were found under the influence of prohibited drugs. Responsible drinking is knowing your limits, the resort will not tolerate fights due to the influence of alcohol.

Conserve Natural Resources and Energy
CASA ASTILLERO promotes environmental and energy conservation. We discourage guests from cutting branches of trees and pulling off leaves from open cottages. Please unplug all unused chargers, electric grillers, rice cookers, radios to save conserve electricity, we request you to also conserve water during your stay at the resort.

Check-in / Check-out time

There is no specific check in time, check out time is 1pm for overnight guests. However, you can extend and its is based on availability of the rooms and kabanas.

No Vandalism

Healthy environment is not only clean from clutter but also neat and well kept. We will charge a penalty for those who will be caught vandalizing in trees and cottages.

Dealing with Fire

Please attend to your children during bonfire activities to avoid injuries and burns. Grilling stations and portable grillers can also be rented; you can also bring your own grillers. Please refrain from cooking inside the Kabanas to prevent fire and damages to Kawayans and Native huts.   

Casa Astillero Beach Resort shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal property, bodily injury or loss of life suffered by any guests arising from swimming in the sea, use of any facilities or equipment within the resort.

Videoke and other sound system
Curfuew for videoke is at 2am and it can resume at 8am, this is to give time for other guest to sleep and enjoy peace and quiet.





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