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Camping Tents Calatagan Beaches

Enjoy nature while spending nights outdoors, a perfect getaway from the the busy lifestyle of the metro, birdwatching, stargazing, bonfire, and get adventurous. Prepare your Hotdogs and Mallows, go campfire cooking with friends and family while playing the guitar and singing your favorite song.

Affordable Tent Rates:
3-4 pax = P500 (Ordinary, Igloo Type)
5-8 pax = P800 (Ordinary, Igloo Type)
10-14 pax = P1,500 (Arbour screen Tents) 10ftX10ft

Kabanas and Kubo Calatagan Beaches
     Sleep the traditional Filipino way! Far from the hustle and bustle of      the busy tourist destination, relish a semi private resort and      experience sleeping in kawayan and banigs. Surrounded by trees      and a scenic view of the beach, it is a relaxation ecotherapy that      is far from the ordinary vacation of staying in concrete and           air-conditioned rooms. Welcoming verandas are cozy and ideal for      long talks and bonding with family, friends and special someone.
     Kabanas Rates:
     Rate = P 2,500 (Overnight/ Day tour)with foam banig
     Sleeping capacity = 4pax
     In excess of 4 pax = P100
Calatagan Picnic Tables
Open Picnic Cottages Calatagan Beaches
If you can picture yourself sipping coffee with the view of the beach, getting a glimpse of an exotic bird, walking the beach to collect seashells and building sandcastles. Or just picture yourself spending the day at the sea or playing beach volleyball then Open cottages are for you.


Day tour and Overnight = P1500/table

Seating Capacity: 6-8 pax


Shoreline and U Cottages Calatagan Beaches
    Escape to a place where you can de -stress. Shoreline native huts    are made from Sasa and Kawayan. If you find it tiring to swim you    can just take a rest at the nearest open cottage, its literally few    steps from the salty waters and you can be at peace with the    sound of the waves and breeze of fresh air. Grab some picnic mat    and you can bask in the sun all day.
    Native Hut Cottage Rates:
    Day tour Overnight = P1500/ table
Calatagan Balsa Cottage
Balsa Cottages Calatagan Beaches

Balsa can be both fun and romantic; the romantic atmosphere makes this the perfect place for both the young, and the young at heart. It’s a perfect venue for family picnic and romantic date, go far from the shore when you can snorkel and enjoy the serenity of the view surrounded by the blue waters until sunset. It is Made of Bamboo with sunbathing area. Enjoy the float!

    Balsa Cottage Rates:
    Whole day = P4000
    Half day = P2000

U Shape Cottages Calatagan Beaches
   U Shape cottages are built and made for large groups of picnic    goers and camper, this hut is perfect for dining and it is designed to    make you sit closer to each other perfect for team bulilding and    family get together. Best suited for groups who want to have a    videoke party. Enjoys eating in Banana leaf and get closer to your    love ones!
    U Shape Cottage Rates:
    Day tour / Overnight = P1500/ cottage
    Seating Capacity: 12 pax
Calatagan U shape cottage
Air-Conditioned Rooms Calatagan Beaches

    Native inspired Air -Conditioned rooms with Kawayan Tables and     Bedframes, good for group of 6, has 1 double bed with pull out and     1 double deck detachable complete with Mattress and Pillows. Each     room has its own restroom perfect for family bonding and barkada     getaway.

     Aircon Room Rates:
    Day tour / Overnight = P5300 for 6 pax, 6000 for 8pax

    Room Sleeping Capacity: 6 pax -8 pax
    In excess of 6 = P100

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