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Calatagan Beach Resort Activities
Grill your Favorite dish (Ihaw by the beach)

Get excited and grill your favorite Inihaw na Liempo, Bangus, Hotdogs, Chicken and anything that will satisfy your cravings. You can cook freshly catched Sugpo, Lobsters, etc straight from the the fishermens who passes by the shore. There are also Squids that you can stuff with Onions and Tomatoes.

Ihaw by the beach

Beach Volley Ball (Sea and Sand Sports)

Beach volleyball is fit for all ages, get that tan and play this challenging sport. Win or lose you'll still get a dose of thrill and excitement! Whether your an expert or beginner, it does not matter at all, all you need to do is hit that ball.




Beach Volley Ball

Build your very own Sand Castle

This is perfect for the kids and kids at heart, build that enchanted sand castle, keep on digging and you might be surprised to catch a crab. Find seashells that you can actually cook for dinner! Make it as a competion dig and make your sand art work, the most enchanted work wins!

Calatagan Sand Castle

Bonfire under the stars

Spend that unforgettable night under the stars with a warm campfire on your side. Go stargazing, cooking mashmallows, chanting and dancing. Telling ghost stories and play games to spice up the night. This activity is surely going to be memorable.


Beach bonfire

Camping and Picnic Treat

Are you ready for the Boodle fight? Bring all the food that you want and dine like a family. You may drink all day , all night without woring about corkage fee. You may also bring your gadgets for we have portable electic outlets on every cottage and kabanas. We can provide Banana leaf for your special beach dinning experience.

Camping and Picnic

Enjoy what the sand has to offer

Have you tried collecting hermit crabs? These itsy bitsy tiny little creatures has its way of entertaining us in their own special ways. Let them race in the sand, simply gather them together. Discover Starfish, Brittle fish, Sea Urchins and little fishes when its low tide, Yes! One more thing you can also draw and write your names in the sand.

Sand Art

Swim all you want (Sand Bar)

The sea water rises up to a maximum of 4 feet during high tide that makes it safe for kids and adults, the beach sand is smooth and flat that doesnt hurt your feet at all! We have a special palce hat we call "Sand Bar" - No seeweds, No stones to hurt your feet, just plain fine sand. So grab your goggles now and splurge!

Swimming all day

Banana Boat

Brace your self for a 20 min ride on the Banana boat, Group yourselves to 10 and your ready to go, Min of 10 max of 22 per ride. A thrilling experience to complete your summer! Dont forget to put sunscreen!

Banana Boat Ride Calatagan


Are you up for snorkeling? Dive in and see coral formations and the school of fishes. This is perfect for those who love the underwater. Brace your self and see diffrent kinds of fishes in its natural habitat.

Boat Ride (Island Hop)

Enjoy 20min of boat ride, visit Isla Puting Bato and discover the beauty of the plain and fine white sand while bird watching. You may use the boat to its maximum use by fishing and diving to areas rich with corals and aquatic marine animals.

Calatagan Batangas Boat Ride


Fishing is a hobby that a lot of people are trilled to do. Appeciate the diffrent kinds of salt water fishes and rare catch of South China Sea. Try your luck! You might catch some of the fishes namely: Lapu-Lapu, Talakitok, Alamais, Samaral, Kitang, Dangit, Parrot Fish, etc. Prepare your rod and bait and get ready for this adventure.

Fishing At Calatagan Batangas

Board Games

Board games are readily available for you to borrow for free while you watch teh sunst or listen to the waves, We have a wide range of bonding recreational games like Card games, Chess, Sungka, Scrable, Monopoly etc. we also haveHula hoop, Limbo rock stick that will surely be an ejoyable bonding activity that will disconnect you from your gadgets for the mean time, something different from the lifestyle you have in the metro.


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