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  Resort Camping

Camping is a world renowned outdoor activity, but why go camping in Calatagan? Casa Astillero is advantageously located in a semi-private compound surrounded by shrubs, mango trees and sugarcane, camping in CASA ASTILLERO has been recognized by enthusiasts since the 90’s, now it’s more popular than ever. Almost everyone can recall a favorite camping trip or outdoor moment from their childhood.  Paying nature a visit is a way to de-stress , forget all about your worries and complications of everyday life. Beach Camping allows you to clear your mind and a clear mind cleanses your spirit. Being one with nature once in a while also educate children about the surroundings around them, the salty waters, sea creatures, trees, bamboos, bonfires, and birds. Children can learn to connect with nature and carry on small responsibilities and tasks that can boost their self esteem.
Calatagan Beach Camping

Beach Camping can be a wonderful idea for everyone regardless of age, it’s a perfect timing to bond with family, friends and with nature, freely talk to each other, grill your favorite dish, set up your tent and explore life.  Observe and learn about the beach, trees, woods, animals, see and the stars at night. Studies have shown that humans subconsciously desire to connect with nature, by being around plants, wilderness, and the sea.

Calatagan Group Camping
CASA ASTILLERO beach resort and camping site offer tents for rent and you don’t need to bring one. Not only it’s cost effective at only P500-1000 per tent. We can also offer private / group camping packages for minimum of 50 pax. Going camping is possibly the cheapest most affordable holiday option. Hotel rooms can be very pricey these days.  It is a budget vacation for everyone to enjoy. All you will need is food (which could be in the form of sandwiches), water and a sleeping bag.  Experience some solitude and quiet beside the beach with the invigorating salty fresh air.


Calatagan Beach Camping site
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